Do you have plans for upgrading your OT department or do you have capacity problems in your existing OT department? We have in stock a complete OT department to help you cope your challenges. The complex consists of four operating theaters according to the latest standards in Europe. The complex is build with modules which are already prefabricated in the factory. The complete building therefor can be placed and installed on site in a very short period of time. It is possible to start operating in this facility within 4 months.

The OT’s are equiped with:

  • UDF Laminar Flow (ISO 5)
  • Two Pendants
  • OT lights (LED)
  • Control panel
  • LED lightning in the ceiling

Other areas in the building are:

  • Holding and Recovery complete with:
    • Airsock for convenient air supply
    • Bedhead units
    • Control panel
  • Sterile storage with HEPA filtering (ISO7)
  • Clean utility and dirty utility
  • Personel room
  • Scrub Area
  • Flex offices
  • Changing rooms
  • Toilets and shower
  • Technical room with:
    • Air handling unit with heat recovery – Humidifier
    • Water treatment
    • Main switchboard
    • Medical Transformers
    • UPS systems