The Bussman Universal Interim OT Complex

Interim OT Complex

Significant costs are involved in the construction and development of a temporary OT complex. The building concept Bussman has developed for a universal interim OT complex is modular. A good alternative, including for the development and production costs, given that these are shared among multiple successive users.

The modular concept is flexible and can be adapted to the desired capacity and functionality. So you determine the number of operating theatres yourself. Alongside the clinical or outpatient operating theatres, you may opt to accommodate the necessary ancillary areas in it, such as recovery, holding, sterile storage and the required technical spaces. Of course these can also be adjusted in size and/or number to the number of desired operating theatres. The concept meets the highest demands and conditions.

Professional award control system interim OT complex

Bussman has had a unique control system developed for this universal interim OT complex. The system uses iPads for reading and operation, connected to a server based on KNX technology. At the end of 2012 Bussman won the KNX professional award with this system. The control system regulates all the issues within the OT and holding/recovery, such as lighting and climate. All alarms, if desired supported by an audio signal, are also displayed on the screen. The entire history (such as climate and door movements) is registered and logged per OT. If desired, the system can be linked to the hospital’s BMS. The staff can use their own iPads or smartphones to link up with the system and can thus play their own music in the OT.

Practical example of interim OT complex

In the accompanying drawing you will see a practical example; the building is 24 metres wide and 45 metres long, not including the connecting channel. This example features a U-shaped corridor connected to the functional areas. The design depends on the capacity you wish it to have, such as the number of operating theatres and accompanying size of the ancillary areas such as holding/recovery and storage. Where the existing ancillary spaces remain in use and only operating theatres are required, naturally only that part of the building is installed. Whether the U-shaped corridor is possible depends on the available location space; a straight corridor is also among the possibilities. The interim facility is then restricted to a width of 15 metres, while the length depends on the desired capacity.

In principle, the Bussman universal OT complex houses all the required facilities, including plenums, air treatment cabinets, workstations, OT lights, hermetically sealed doors, isolation transformers; fitting exclusively uses renowned brands.