Flexible accommodation for Radiology

Radiology accommodation

Fitting innovative technologies like MRI and CT scans into a functional accommodation requires a flexible building method and a different attitude taking future developments into account. It is an ongoing process to fit the changing, technically complicated technology into building systems with a tailor-made design. Fitting not only in technical terms, but also financially, and with social responsibility.

For years Bussman has been a specialist in designing and realising functional and flexible buildings without making any concessions to quality, safety, productivity and a pleasant environment, for both the client and for care providers and specialists. Fitting in innovative technologies like MRI and CT scans requires functional accommodation with flexible building methods.

Radiology department is super-specialisation

The point of departure continues to be a fully mature department with a permanent character and optimum flexibility. For creating a complete department, factors like user period, match with the location and routing within the department are the guiding principles. The Radiology department requires super-specialisation, with special attention devoted to the specific foundational requirements, air treatment, radiation distance and naturally the electrical installation with fitting the Faraday Cage for MRI or Lead Shielding for X-rays. Alongside radiological applications in specially designed spaces, increasing use is being made of X-rays in the OT. You can read more about this in the information sheet on Hybrid OTs.

Planning to renovate or build Radiology department?

Are you planning to expand, renovate or create new buildings within the Radiology department? Then get in touch with Bussman and learn about a fast-reacting and low-threshold organisation where an enthusiastic group of specialists will look forward to working with you.