Why build a permanent OT complex in modular form?

Permanent OT complex

The OT department is the beating heart of every hospital. In this part of the building the most complex, the most intrusive and also the most expensive treatments are performed. Innovative developments require modifications in terms of not just high-quality technical equipment, but also of the building. Modular construction offers tailor-made space to take advantage of the latest developments. Continuity of care, minimal disruption and high-quality flexible accommodation are the major benefits of modular construction. A permanent OT complex constructed modularly has an exclusive character: it is created specifically for one client and is thus entirely attuned to the principal’s wishes. And with an eye to the future, modular construction is the ultimate answer to changing healthcare demand. Instead of a far-reaching renovation, separate modules can easily be replaced by new and up-to-date modules which are fully attuned to the desired capacity and functionality.

Plug & Play OT complex

Bussman developed the Plug & Play principle for a modular OT complex. This idea was originally applied because of the movability of an interim OT complex, so that it can easily be assembled or disassembled in constantly changing configurations. This system also offers major advantages for permanent application.

The principle of a permanent OT complex

The technical space paired with a large technical duct constitutes the heart of the building. All the connections of the OTs and the other spaces come from that technical duct. These are the large tubes for air treatment and medical gases, as well as the electricity and data cables. No tubes or cables run through one space to the other; all run through the technical duct. Thanks to this principle it is possible, for instance, to disconnect one OT while the other OTs continue to run.