Hybrid OT: advanced equipment in a sterile environment

Hybrid OT

The hybrid OT offers a full X-ray application in the operating theatre. This latest development is a seamless match with the trend to operate less invasively. It’s a type of treatment demanding extreme precision, and thus high image quality. The advanced equipment in a sterile environment enables combined treatments. The working method is also less of a burden on the patient, thereby reducing the number of admission days.

The hybrid OT also offers specific new possibilities in vascular surgery. While the patient is on the operating table, images are made using the so-called C-arm around the patient. During cardiovascular intervention, 3D images of the circulatory system can be made if wished. Combined with a specific functionality, images of prior examinations can be called up, using an MRI or CT scan, for instance.

Hybrid OT has modular construction

The average surface area of a hybrid OT is around one and a half to two times the size of an existing OT. Even only for this reason, it is not possible to achieve a hybrid OT within an existing OT. Sacrificing two existing OTs is also generally not an option. To prevent such renovation halting the OT process for weeks, a modularly constructed hybrid OT is generally built alongside the existing OT complex.

Brands and models

The C-arm is available in various brands and models, with a floor stand, using a ceiling mounting or on a sled construction. All these possibilities can be integrated in the modular hybrid OT. In technology terms, the hybrid OT can also be installed to be either entirely or partially self-supporting. It is also possible for it to be connected to the air treatment and/or other technical systems already present in the hospital.

Hybrid OT in the Benelux

Bussman developed and installed the first modular hybrid OT in the Benelux region. The complex was delivered in October 2014 to the AZ St. Maarten hospital in Duffel, Belgium. The existing OT complex was only out of action for a few hours. Because the hybrid OT had to fit seamlessly with the existing OT complex on the first floor, it was elevated on a steel construction.

Number 1 flexible accommodation for healthcare

Bussman, the number 1 in flexible accommodation for healthcare, has grown in recent years to become the ultimate specialist in modularly constructed OTs. Whether an interim facility or permanent use is involved, the advantages of modular construction for technically complex areas are being recognised by an increasing number of hospitals.