Bussman, experts in dialysis accommodation

Dialyses accommodation

Designing, building and locating a dialysis centre requires expertise. Not only in terms of the complex RO installation with its connected loop line, but also because of the strict standards and guidelines for the electrical installation and the air and water treatment. Even the drainage for a dialysis building requires specific knowledge.

Kidney dialysis, a specialisation within a specialisation

A costly provision which can deliver a significant saving, with Bussman as a partner in the design and production phases. Efficiency in money, but certainly also in time. As a specialist in modular construction, Bussman has concentrated on healthcare. A broad and varied field. In the field of dialysis accommodation, Bussman has emerged as the definitive specialist in the Netherlands.

One point of contact

Bussman designs, builds and installs, and guides the project team if desired. A network has arisen with the most significant suppliers of high-quality equipment for kidney dialysis, on the foundation of knowledge, experience and expertise.
An efficient collaboration between the parties involved, where the client can make his own choices, is guaranteed as a result. With the advantage that Bussman is the contact point for the entire building trajectory – from design to realisation.

A little like home

If there is one field in which Bussman likes to demonstrate its slogan, ‘At home in flexible accommodation’, it is certainly for people undergoing dialysis. On average, such people undergo treatment three times a week, where each time they are confined to their bed or chair for four hours. For them the dialysis centre is a little like home.