Smit Modular – the constant factor in a rapidly changing world

You have plans to renovate, to modernise or to expand. Continuity of care is your highest priority here. Clients need to be inconvenienced as little as possible. Care providers need to be able to carry out their duties to the very best of their abilities. Smit’s flexible accommodation solutions offer high-quality accommodation. From temporary to semi-permanent or permanent accommodation. Whatever form you choose, Smit’s modular building concept meets the highest demands and conditions. Even in a constantly changing care market where you have to comply with specific medical applications. With space for people and space for technology.

Smit Modular

With its knowledge, expertise and experience in modular construction, Smit concentrates on healthcare. A wide and varied field where Smit has emerged as the ultimate specialist in modular construction. Not only in terms of the actual building, but across the entire spectrum from designing to installing complex specialist installation technology covering safety, the electrical installation and air treatment.

Drawing on its far-reaching specialist professional healthcare knowledge, ‘Smit Modular’ was established as the defining answer to facilitate the growing number of assignments in the healthcare and research sector at home and abroad.

Smit, specialist in the healthcare sector

A small selection from our healthcare services:

General healthcare accomodation

  • Several GP practices, ranging from individual practices to an ‘AHOED’ combination of pharmacists, GPs and paramedics
  • Pharmacies
  • A residential building for a psychiatric institution
  • Surgeries for physiotherapy


Hospital-related healthcare accomodation

  • Various dialysis centres
  • A clinic for ophthalmology which houses two operating rooms
  • Various radiology buildings, both for MRI  and CT
  • Endoscopy units
  • Various extensions of outpatients’ departments  including consulting and/or treatment rooms
  • Maternity suites
  • Various OT complexes
  • Various extensions for both interim and permanent use
  • A permanent treatment centre of > 4,600 m2 furnished with a fully equipped OT complex including consulting, treatment and bedrooms
  • Various extensions to hospitals, both for facilitative and medical purposes

Smit uses only Top Line for healthcare applications, the very best in the unit construction field. With standard units and units made up to the own specifications. For example, the height of the units in an OT complex is adapted to the specific requirements for the air treatment installation. Equipped with integrated automation for operating lighting and climate control, along with a host of notification and control abilities such as monitoring alarms through a user-friendly hygienic touchscreen.