Bussman Medical and Research is happy to announce that they will open a test operating theatre facility in Forskerparken, Odense, for hospital managers, engineers, equipment providers and others to visit and test the newest innovation on hospital building techniques.

In cooperation with Welfare Tech, Odense Municipality, Developing Fyn and Forskerparken, Bussman is able to show its innovations to the Danish Healthcare sector.

Arjan de Rijke, CEO of Bussman Medical and Research says: “I am delighted to have found an enthusiastic consortium of professionals that supports our efforts to enter the Danish Healthcare Market. With our Forkerparken colleagues, we invite healthcare providers and service providers to the Danish healthcare sector to visit our unit in Odense.”

Mayor of Odense, Anker Boye is happy to welcome a new welfare technology based company to the city saying:
“We welcome Bussman in Odense, and we are happy that the Dutch company has chosen Odense as location for running their business as well as test facility. For Odense it is an important step towards attracting new businesses to the city within welfare technology, since the case of Bussman clearly shows that it is attractive to do business in Odense”.

The test facility consists of a full functional class one operating theatre plus a sterile storage and clean corridor. The operating theatre will be open to project leaders that are happy to learn about our innovative way of building and to providers that would like to showcase their equipment or would like to use the operating theatre as a test facility.

The operating theatre will be placed after the summer holidays with an opening projected on the 1st of September.