Flexible building with an eye to the future

There are few business sectors which build and renovate as often as hospitals. Every year almost half the Dutch hospitals undertake a major constructional change. All the developments in healthcare will certainly not reduce these numbers in the future. There is a great deal of movement in the healthcare market. Anticipating changing demand for care requires flexibility. With scope to easily take advantage of changing capacity, functionality, higher demands and conditions. Bussman creates accommodation based on modular construction. From temporary to semi-permanent or permanent accommodation.

Technical ingenuity for medical accomodation

Smit has evolved to become the ultimate vendor for modular construction combined with high-quality technical solutions. Smit offers many advantages, particularly for technically complicated areas, such as radiology departments, dialysis centres and operating theatres. It is precisely here that modular construction offers an excellent alternative to be able to modify or change modules at any desired time with minimum disruption and maximum spatial/technical and economic returns.

Flexibility in space

A modular building can easily be modified, expanded or updated. With flexibility in size, arrangement and functionality. This is building in Smit style: with a minimum of disruption and the best possible spatial/technical and economic returns. Especially when the development and production costs can be shared by successive users.

From concept to deployment

With a network of innovative companies Smit is more a partner than a supplier for its clients. By involving Smit in your plans at an early stage, Smit’s specialists can make constructive contributions. Proactive. From draft to installing complex technology. Taking account of your company’s or institution’s character.

Wishes and requirements

Using the highest classification standard units, preproduction occurs in a factory building under clean and controlled conditions. In compliance with your wishes and demands, standard units are combined with tailor-made ones which meet specific dimensions in height and length.