IN STOCK: OT complex with 4 OT’s and extra functionalities

Do you have plans for upgrading your OT department or do you have capacity problems in your existing OT department? We have in stock a complete OT department to help […]

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OLVG West | Holland | 6 OT’s connected to the main hospital

For the hospital OLVG West in Amsterdam – Holland, Bussman Medical&Research is building the new OT’s.

The project contains the delivery and installation of 6 new OT’s connected to the upper […]

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The realisation of Test Operating Theatre in Odense, Denmark

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The realization of the Isala daycare centre and OT in Zwolle

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Bussman Medical and Research opens office and test operating theatre facility in Odense

Bussman Medical and Research is happy to announce that they will open a test operating theatre facility in Forskerparken, Odense, for hospital managers, engineers, equipment providers and others to visit […]

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