OK complex huisvesting

OT complex in modular form

The OT department is the beating heart of every hospital. In this part of the building the most complex, the most intrusive and also the most expensive treatments are performed. Innovative developments require modifications in terms of not just high-quality technical equipment, but also of the building.

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Dialysis accommodation

Designing, building and locating a dialysis centre requires expertise. Not only in terms of the complex RO installation with its connected loop line, but also because of the strict standards and guidelines for the electrical installation and the air and water treatment. Kidney dialysis, a specialisation within a specialisation.

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MRI gebouwen

Radiology accommodation

Fitting innovative technologies like MRI and CT scans into a functional accommodation requires a flexible building method and a different attitude taking future developments into account. It is an ongoing process to fit the changing, technically complicated technology into building systems with a tailor-made design.

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flexibele huisvesting gezondheidszorg

Flexible accommodations for the healthcare sector

You have plans to renovate, to modernise or to expand? Continuity of care is your highest priority here. Clients need to be inconvenienced as little as possible. Care providers need to be able to carry out their duties to the very best of their abilities.

Smit’s¬†flexible accommodation solutions offer high-quality accommodation. From temporary to semi-permanent or permanent accommodation. Whatever form you choose,¬†Smit’s modular building concept meets the highest demands and conditions. Even in a constantly changing care market where you have to comply with specific medical applications. With space for people and space for technology.